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Dog education and rehab

- Behavioral evaluation of dogs in order to evaluate their compatibility in group activities

- Preparatory days for future dog owners ("how to start on the right foot") with introductory knowledge by the Dogmaker and Question & Answers with the participants

- Thematic Workshops with a report organized by the Dogmaker and participants' interventions on their experiences with their dogs

- Dogs of Canile (All you need to know about how a kennel works, volunteering, adoptions, professional figures, the life of a dog in a kennel).

- Amateur Meetings divided by Categories of dogs and Breeds belonging to them (Sheepdogs and Bovari Dogs, Dogs, Hunting dogs, Nordic dogs, Graioids, Molossians ....) with analysis of the distinctive physical and behavioral characteristics 'Dog trainer and testimonies of the owners present with the specimens of the day.
- Sport Dogs
- Activities with assistance dogs

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