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Dog Sitter-Dog Walker

The Dog-Sitting Service of BauAdvisor is a service of excellence, carried out by the best professional dogs and educators with professional training, absolute experience and infinite love for our four-legged friends.
The Service is designed and built on the basis of individual needs and is always customizable.

Standard service costs
Tourist services:
BauAdvisor has developed an absolutely innovative Dog Sitting and Dog Walking service, designed for the accommodation facilities of the Capital and for tourists who want to visit Rome together with their four-legged friend.But more our furry alone in a hotel room and never again for Rome without them. Our operators will reach customers directly in the accommodation facilities or in front of the Museums, churches and archaeological areas taking delivery of the pelosetto and returning it to the owner at the end of the visit or accompanying the tourist and his hairy for the whole day or for a few hours allowing him to visit Rome in absolute safety.

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